Journey In The Land Where Time Rests 2017

Each Friday, my dad used to recite the same verse from the Koran, every single Friday,

it was titled The Cave. It describes a wall whose collapse would trigger the unfolding of the end of times.


Until now, it is believed that reciting this verse every Friday will keep the wall erect.

Until today, I still believe that my dad can save the world.

A forgotten myth is our vehicle.


wall, fence or dam ?

would a structure condition the Apocalypse lest befell forgotten ?


a commemorative wall

and a barrier

to prevent ominous demographic sweeping


a self or a modern one ?

deprived of its mystic

but rewarded by a new mythical plasticity


a real monster

or a divine pet ?

it only appears in the infinite edits of the same story


a pleasant or unpleasant journey

in the land

where time



PS. “we start to build walls again – to live like walls –  with the same boredom –

the same staleness – our faces as hostile as walls – and our destinies thick,

useless and full of walls.” G. Henein, in The Meaning of Life, 1938



1 The Wall Of CommemorationAnd They Ask You About The Wall. Say “We Only Know Too Little About Language.”, 2017

7.2 x 2.3 meters: Liquid plastic resin – Rigid polyurethane foam – Metal powder – Colour pigments – Isopropyl alcohol 


Detail The Wall Of Commemoration


6 32

 2 The Graves Guard And Digger


The Grave Guard and Digger Inherits The Earth And What’s On It, 2017

H. 60 x L. 75 x W. 15 cm: Layered acrylic sheets – Super glue – Super instant epoxy glue – Clear epoxy resin





3 Installation View2

As We Were!, 2017

L. 120 x W. 80 cm: Digital print and laser cutting on acrylic sheet



5 The Hour Has Drawn Near

The Hour Has Drawn Near, 2017

L. 150 x W. 180 cm: Digital print and laser cutting on acrylic sheets


Detail The Hour Has Drawn Near

6 As We Were

7 The Journey


From left to right:  Commemoration, 2017 - Descriptive Geography, 2017 - Variations, 2017 - Lingua Franca, 2017

                                             24 X 24 cm Pigment liner, gouache and water colour on