Duo presentation at This Art Fair, Amsterdam 2017


Each Friday, my dad used to recite the same verse from the Koran, every single Friday,

it was titled The Cave. It describes a wall whose collapse would trigger the unfolding of the end of times.


Until now, it is believed that reciting this verse every Friday will keep the wall erect.

Until today, I still believe that my dad can save the world.

A forgotten myth is our vehicle.


wall, fence or dam ?

would a structure condition the Apocalypse lest befell forgotten ?


a commemorative wall

and a barrier

to prevent ominous demographic sweeping


a self or a modern one ?

deprived of its mystic

but rewarded by a new mythical plasticity


a real monster

or a divine pet ?

it only appears in the infinite edits of the same story


a pleasant or unpleasant journey

in the land

where time